Commodity Trading Course

There are various institutes that conduct commodity trading courses in India. This is generally a short term course, encompassing a number of topics to make the students conversant with all technical aspects of commodity trading.

To many, commodity training may seem like something new, as most people are aware of only stock trading. But the fact is that this type of trading has its roots fixed way back in the 19th century Asian rice trading and American futures markets.

However, in India commodity training suddenly saw a major upswing, and what many experts consider a revival, in the year 2003. This was caused by the steep inflation and investors realized the importance of the ancient trading methods.

At that point however it was gold and oil futures that dominated the scene. Since then in the last coupe of years an increasing number of people have tilted towards gaining knowledge and trading in commodities.

Commonly all institutes conducting the commodity trading course organize a program that spans for a fortnight. The students are provided with all technical knowledge and are usually made to create and manage a mock commodity trading portfolio based on actual trends in the market. This will determine their grasp over the subject.

The course generally comprises of the following modules:
-The range of commodities
-Regulations and laws
-Commodity pricing
-Factors that dominate fluctuations in the commodity market
-Utility of commodity futures
-Implications of sales tax
-Understanding derivatives with application
-Trading strategies to manage risk
-Trading procedures that includes